Pokemon Go Glossary Of Terms - Part 2

Lure ModulePokemon Go Glossary Of Terms - Part 2

Lure Module is items helping you to attract wild Pokémon around to PokeStops in a while.

Lucky Egg: 

Lucky Egg are items that help you get twice the amount of XP in a certain time period.


Medals are badges you will receive when reaching certain goals that the game poses.


PokéBalls are items that help you tame the wild Pokémon. You can find it at the PokeStops or buy it in the Shop.

Great Ball, Ultra Ball, and Master Balls are special types of PokéBalls, it increases your ability to tame Pokémon.


PokeCoins is currency in the game. Players can use it to buy items in the shop. You can buy it with real money via the shop.


Pokédex is a dictionary to help you to see all the information about the Pokémon you win or met him on the way.


PokeStops is the location where you can go to to get items as PokéBalls , Potions, or Egg Pokémon.
A PokeStop will reshape when you walk near it., You can click and rotate the plate to get the items in it.


This item can be used to recover HP (Hit Points) for your Pokémon.


By increasing the Power-Up, players can raise HP and CP for their Pokémon . Increasing Power-Up should use to Stardust, Candy.


Prestige is the prestige of a Gym. It received through the Pokémon battles in that Gym. This can help gain higher Gym level.

Razz Berry: 

This item can be used when encountering wild Pokémon. It helps to "flatter" the Pokémon to make them more accessible and you will easily catch them.


Stardust could get through successfully catching Pokémon, hatching Pokemon eggs or Gyms gifts every day - Defender Bonus. It is the necessary items to upgrade - Power Up for Pokémon.


In Gyms Friendly, you can nominate your Pokémon fought with another member of your team to raise the Experience Points (XP) and prestige - Prestige of Gym.


The person who play Pokemon Go.

Wild Pokémon:

The Pokémon freedom and nobody catch it before.